“Das Forschungsprojekt HIV50plus” project postcards are done for Hochschule Für Soziale Arbeit FHNW.
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Jadavpur University Protests, The Hok Kolorob Movement
The events that followed the molestation of a second year student of Jadavpur University in Kolkata, India; a classic case of patriarchy with victim blaming to accompany molestation. This poster was in support of the movement, showing solidarity with the students of JU. It was sent to Pranadhika Sinha DevBurman – an activist in Kolkata – to be printed and distributed at will.

Combat Child Sexual Abuse

Made for Elaan (NGO group based in Kolkata and headed by Pranadhika Sinha DevBurman). Idea was to subtly create a query in the minds of people, to nudge the audience to think if CSA (Child Sexual Abuse) is really a “bunch of made up stories by a child”? Unfortunately due to patriarchal beliefs that no “man” can sexually abuse an innocent child – even a child does not escape victim blaming in India, regardless of gender, as the Indian society ignores any distress plea of the child under threat.

Typography: Composition & Placement 2009


Absinthe Vial inducing Intensive Differences

The idea was to produce a "smart entity" by harnessing intensive differences of matter.

A vial for the absinthe lover, to wear it and use it: especially at a bar where there’s absinthe but no sugar cube for the sugar-burning ritual. This vial allows the wearer/bearer to use common sugar crystals (easily available in sachets) – and create their own desired sweetness, through controlled flavour mixing. Thus, inducing intensive difference in a matter.

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Fasnachtscliquenplagette 2018 "Die Unentschlossene"

Fasnachtsplagette für die Basler Fasnachts Clique "Die Unentschlossene" an der Fasnacht 2018.
Jedes Jahr verteilt die Clique "Die Unentschlossene" eigene Plagetten an ihre Unterstützenden. Für das Motto "Land unter" dieses Jahr ein Papierschiffchen, schräg hängen, langsam am untergehen.
Material: Pappelschichtholz, Lasercut und -graviert

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Hiphop is...

The creation of this piece is an emotional archiving of my favourite hip-hop artists, cds, vinyls and songs. This project “hip-hop is…” about story telling, sociology, black and coloured society and history. It is about the pride in knowing that Chuck D holds a degree in Graphic Design, Talib Kweli graduated New York University with a degree in Experimental Theatre, Samus pursuing a PhD in science and technology studies, J. Cole who graduated ‘magna cum laude’ with a degree in communication and a minor in business… and many more. To me “hip-hop is…” knowledge and rhythm mixed together to confront clichés and harvest ones’ intellect. This was the challenge, to show the black and white history from which hip-hop rises, to show the intellectual yet street culture from where hip-hop is taken, to create one object out of many influences of hip-hop that will hold the essence of what “hip-hop (truly) is…”


Acp La Manufacture Chanson

Corporate Identity proposed for a music-oriented society in Paris

Blue Monk Inc.

Corporate Identity for a music production company. For audio engineer & musician Tirthankar Ray, Kolkata, India.

Le Petit Poney B&B

Corporate Identity and stationaries proposed for a bed and breakfast in St.Sulpiece, Neuchatel

Brand Management

Stop TB Partnership UNOPS


Language Guide

Scenography Booth Design South Africa

Sample 1

Sample 2

Results Hand Out

Riga Declaration

Technical Co-Op Agreement

Unrecognized Heroes Banner

Questions d’ados, INEPS

C’est toujours troublant de se voir changer. Cela soulève toutes sortes de questions simples, compliquées, parfois angoissantes, mais toujours importantes. Des questions qui touchent à l’identité, au corps, à la relation à l’autre, aux émotions, aux pensées nouvelles, à la sexualité et à l’amour. L’adolescence est une période de recherche, de découverte, d’essais, d’erreurs et de remise en question. Cette brochure propose des pistes de réponse et des éléments de réflexion pour combattre les idées reçues et les préjugés qui sont souvent source de souffrance pour soi-même et les autres.

Sex education booklet

Video sex education

A video compilation and edit of The Raidd Bar Paris, Les Crazy Horse and The Queens Champs Elysées. The video is not taken by me. But the compilation and edit is by myself.


Living Conditions "Abri, sans-abri"

Capital of France, Paris’s economic growth has stagnated in year 2011 and the increase in well educated yet homeless men (somehow women escaped this fate) can be seen if one takes the night metro in one of the Parisian metro stops. They are there. These “sans-abri”; without a proper shelter, without clean clothes, sleeping in make shift shabby beds – you see them reading a book, or scribbling illustrations… Some get drunk and fight. These outcasts are created by our capitalist society. I see people passing them by. These commuters don’t look at them but are seriously offended if one comes close. Most complain of their stench! The perceptive image we have of these homeless men in general is falseness; this is due to the fact that we don’t take time to notice their basic needs. These outcasts, these sans-abri, what do they need to “fit” into the Parisian bourgeoisie?

This animated poster was meant as a provocation to the Parisian society.


Voice of the future

Cyborg - Or As She Likes It “Cai-borg” (Genesis)

A Sci-Fi script, written and voice acted for a fictional podcast, speculating possible future... "Advances in technology are bridging the terrestrial and the unknown. Allowing us to travel into the farthest depths of space and the imagination. We will develop fictions, future potentials rooted in a solid reality, taking us on a journey from the possible, through the plausible, preferable (or not) and into the future... investigating the potential of emerging technologies to add legitimacy and truth to our speculations."

Read the script – PDF 67 kB

Kuka in Love

November 28th 2016: It's a lovely perpetual winter evening in Basel. Kuka the industrial robot is working on a task set to it through Cura and Processing. Trump is the president-elect of America and everyone is talking about “grabbing her by the pussy”. All of a sudden even Kuka is self-learning in a gender signified industrial surrounding. Kuka is no more “It”! Kuka has been eclipsed by Tr(i)ump(hant) developments and turned to “he”! To the point that at work he resolves to sexually harass his huwoman co-worker, and starts dreaming about her. Kuka is that creepy co-worker in “love”.


Fashion Week 3D Scenography

Überraum is a sister company of Bureau Betak in Paris. As an assistant multimedia designer, I got the chance to create elements in Cinema 4D scenography of some of their prestigious projects. The 3D renders are properties of Bureau Betak thus sharing them will be considered as an infringement of copyright laws under intellectual property rights. Consequently, here are some images of the final output of the scenes in projects that I could work on.

120 Years of Vogue and 7 Years of Vogue China Exhibition, Park Hyatt Beijing, Oct. 2012

Band Of Outsiders RTW, FW13 Feb 2013, Sir Stage 37

DVF, RTW, FW 2013, Lincoln Center NY, Feb. 2013

H&M, Autumn Collection 2013, Musee Rodin, Feb. 2013, Paris

Christian Dior Couture SS 13, Shanghai, March 2013

Christian Dior Cruise 14, Digue Stefano Casiraghi, Monaco, May 2013

Target Fashion Show For RTW, FW 13, New York, Pier 57, Sep. 2013

Derek Lam RTW, SS14, Spt 2013, Sean Kelly Gallery, NY

Lady Dior As Seen By Exhibition & Dinner, Sep. 2013, Hongkong

Michael Kors RTW, SS 14, Lincoln Center, Sep. 2013

Esprit, Dior Exhibition, Moca Shanghai 2013, Nov. 2013