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Living Conditions "Abri, sans-abri"

Capital of France, Paris’s economic growth has stagnated in year 2011 and the increase in well educated yet homeless men (somehow women escaped this fate) can be seen if one takes the night metro in one of the Parisian metro stops. They are there. These “sans-abri”; without a proper shelter, without clean clothes, sleeping in make shift shabby beds – you see them reading a book, or scribbling illustrations… Some get drunk and fight. These outcasts are created by our capitalist society. I see people passing them by. These commuters don’t look at them but are seriously offended if one comes close. Most complain of their stench! The perceptive image we have of these homeless men in general is falseness; this is due to the fact that we don’t take time to notice their basic needs. These outcasts, these sans-abri, what do they need to “fit” into the Parisian bourgeoisie?

This animated poster was meant as a provocation to the Parisian society.