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आईना - Mirror - আয়না

A peaceful creative-protest through performance art, aimed at holding up a mirror of reality for the millions of Indians who refuse to acknowledge that India has taken a quantum leap towards degradation. This is not limited to economics, but has much to do with the socio-cultural as well as the politico-economic degradation initiated by a people-elected far-right government with no better agenda than to enforce traditional norms. – These norms are not only archaic and dangerous for the society and culture of modern India, but are also dangerous for women in India.

With the words: “Why do I feel comfortable being naked here (front) but fear, death, rape, physical and verbal assault in India (back)”, on my body, – this peaceful protest-art took place on Switzerland’s Rathausbrücke of Zürich, in a safe-space provided by Ritualteater’s artist Thomas Zollinger during Body & Freedom Festival.

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August, 2018