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Rediscovering self through infograph, poster

Feb. 2011 - Nov. 2015, Basel

1st poster produced during Herbstsemester 2010/2011 Bachelor’s at HGK Basel. Plotter. Weltformat (Contact me for prints). Personal facts of life converted into Info Graphic – classic format poster. The context was based on memory and a write-up produced in an hour.

2nd poster produced during Herbstsemester 2015/2016 Master’s at HGK Basel. Silkscreen print. Weltformat (2 prints left, contact me for prints). A self study into the multiple dimensions of the personality of a Visual Artist and a Writer, an Indian-Bengali in Switzerland, a brown woman in a white privileged west… one versus the other, when the overlapping shows the situation that these multiple dimensions create.

February, 2011 - November, 2015, Basel