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Authorship, rediscovering self

Authorship: The goal of this project was to develop a personalised style guide through photography, typography, graphic elements, colours, personal statistics and slogans. One rule, it should have the “self” element dominant in it. Whether through habits, personal philosophy, characteristics or visual preferences – as the goal of the project was first and foremost self-discovery.

Model: Self
Image Style Created in 2011: Multiple exposers on Nikon FM2 analogue camera, and use of Photoshop and digital tools to create similar effects in digital (Nikon D90 & D300s).
Basel, Olten: Autumn 2015

November, 2015, Basel


How my work influenced others?
I’ve chosen to display 2 of the elements. As these two were a heavy influence for the creation of the Oslo Night 2016 posters by a few of my classmates.