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Absurdities of Indian Phone Pornography

Pornography and anti-pornography literatures have mainly highlighted sociological aspects, ups and downs of sex work and sex workers, but have failed to illuminate the emergence of a new epitome: exploitations of lower middle-class Indian women in Indian phone-pornography. This work focuses on visually analysing service influence of media on generalised perceptions of people.
Practical outcome was a series of art images, produced through mixed medium of: easily available online phone-pornographic materials, hand drawn illustrations as interpretations and generative art through Processing. The use of mixed media aims at bringing us close to the complexity and concept of the various seen and unseen layers that constitutes phone porn-production legitimacy, along side voyeurism, emotional labour, objectification, power play, societal humiliation, political and cultural prohibition that constitutes a very conservative outlook towards sex and sexuality.

July, 2016, Paris